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Self Care is paramount in maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, boosting your confidence, and self-esteem, and building healthy relationships with others. At times self-care can be glamorized and limited to external pampering. When really Self-care is not always fun or pretty. It can be challenging, and uncomfortable, and requires a lot of accountability and honesty with yourself. It is what YOU need it to be and requires daily effort. Below is a template action plan to help you rebalance and practice honoring yourself at all times. Each day has a theme and task. If anyone resonates with you, feel free to apply it to your life as it resonates and add it to your social media post as a hashtag. My intention is to help foster and support the idea that healing can be self-inflicting. Stay Persuaded!  *Themes are subject to change* Watch my stories on social media for daily empowerment of the theme days below

#Makeup Mondays

Where Beauty meets self care.

#Wellness Wednesday

Sharing holistic wellness remedies.

#Sassy Saturday

Is about being as confident as you to want to be and embracing all things you. Stand on it! 

#Mindset Monday

Promoting mental confidence. 

#Therapeutic Thursday

Sharing holistic Self Care and Mental Health Remedies.

#Slow Down Sunday

Do whatever brings you mind, body, and soul peace. 

#Transparent Tuesday

Identify duality in truths and healthy coping mechanisms to raise your vibration.

#Flawless Friday

Embracing flaws and all while sharing perspectives, products, and makeup looks that enhance your beauty.

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