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Stop The Stigma


Australia Edinborough

Stop the stigma.
Change the narrative.

What: A candid and open conversation on mental health deficits, mental wealth, the power of positivity, self care, and self awareness. This takes place on a LIVE  social media platform.  Join me as I team up with survivors, respected individuals, Advocates, and healthcare professionals to discuss these topics.

Why:  to inspire conversation, instigate empowerment, accountability, healing, and share resources.  

Where: Persuaded Beauty Social Media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Streamyard (some episodes will be available on YouTube).  Must be following for updates. 

How: Raise awareness, offer support, and alternative options. Encourage a  healthy relationship with self through increasing one’s love for self and support effective methods to cope with mental health challenges.   If you  would like to be a co-host send an email to 

Fun fact: This podcast is broadcasted worldwide in over 30 countries and is on its 5th year running. Happy Birthday STSCTN! est. 5/1/2018

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