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Ancient herbal self care remedy for vaginal wealth. Ingredients include lilac, rose petals, and chamomile. The procedure includes adding the herbs to water, bringing them to heat and sitting on the steam  to receive the benefits. Each package is enough for one streaming session.


As a woman, it is known that it is best to avoid soaps, body washes, lotions, and douches in the vaginal area which may contain irritating chemicals that can cause a woman's pH balance to be thrown off in her vagina. Vaginal steam treatment or v-steam, is an all-natural way to rejuvenate, balance, and keep your vagina healthy.

Yoni Smudge

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  • What is the V-Steam you ask?

    Originally ancient cultures, the V-steam is used by individuals, mainly women, to take out the impurity of their body. Back then, it was customary that V-steams be done at wellness centers and was required for clients to be fully naked for 45 minutes on an open seated stool that had a pot of steaming hot water which was filled with both medicine and aromatic herbs such as Rosemary wormwood and basil - all depending on the client's needs.

    Today, vagi steams can be in wellness centers as well as in the comfort of your own home! The most common ways to use the V-Steam is the toilet bowl method, a comforting hot bath, or even the use of a chair.

    It is easy to rejuvenate your vagina with the V-Steam!

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